LSC  The name Lightstone is taken from the principal, Gary (Wolf) Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein is often misspelled and mispronounced. Even the way it is pronounced by Wolf is an “Americanization” of the name that might sound better with a European accent. Taking the next step, translating Lichtenstein from the German, “Lightstone” is revealed;

Licht – from the German mean Light. Stein means stone – thus Lightstone.

The notion of opposites reflect the dynamism required in creating more sustainable organizations. The contrast of something “light”, easy to accomplish, with that of “stone” which is perceived to be heavy was compelling in this branding decision. How does an organization efficiently implement sustainable practices throughout its operations, when this work is often perceived as onerous, such as the task of creating an accurate Greenhouse Gas Inventory, and managing change in other new sustainable behaviours? Lightstone Consulting applies multi-disciplinary expertise from exacting technical knowledge, Environmental Management Systems, voluntary and regulated GHG reporting programs, to a deep understanding of the organizational development issues we face in creating real sustainable change.

The Lightstone Consulting logo was developed through a branding exercise developed and facilitated by Riverbed Design. Ultimately, the logo reflects Wolf’s personal values, that we are stewards of our environment for this and future generations. The “LS” of Lightstone is turned on its side, showing a stylized purple mountain over a green valley. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Wolf has spent much of his leisure time exploring the mountains and valleys of the Cascades and Olympic mountain ranges.