Beyond Compliance is a turnkey sustainability measuring and reporting service. Many businesses often do not have the expertise and are not able to budget for a full-time, even a part-time sustainability manager, but still want to get going on an authentic path to sustainability – beyond regulatory compliance.

Lightstone’s Beyond Compliance gets your organization moving quickly and efficiently on the path to Sustainability, by measuring and reporting (internally or externally) key sustainability indicators.  This low cost entry service includes:

  • Your facility’s greenhouse gas footprint
  • Other key sustainability metrics (water use, waste disposal, employee travel, etc.)
  • A documented set of instructions/procedures on how to continue to gather and monitor these sustainability metrics
  • Report on measured sustainability indicators, including analysis and recommendations
  • Presentation and facilitated discussion on your sustainability metrics and opportunities for change to an audience of your choosing
  • Spreadsheets or Scope 5* account access for continued use of  the provided reporting tool


*Scope 5 is a sustainability metrics data management and analytics software service. Spreadsheets have their use, and for a reasonable added fee, you will have access to a Scope 5 account that allows you to enter activity data, have automatic upload of data from your utilities and have updated analytical reports and visualization at your fingertips. Training and ongoing support is included in your turnkey solution.