Lightstone can now manage your Carbon Offset portfolio. We are able to purchase high quality Carbon Offsets for immediate GHG emissions mitigation. Sourcing from over 800 projects worldwide, we are able to bring exceptional value to your offset portfolio. We provide carbon credits only from offsetting  projects that are registered under the highest quality North American or International greenhouse gas programs. Offsets hold intrinsic value, and we will develop your portfolio of Carbon Offsets that resonates with employees, investors, community partners, and other stakeholders.

Be it a landfill gas destruction project located at your city’s municipal landfill, or a Rainforest project that reforests denuded lands, providing enhancements to the ecosystem and to the local community’s livelihoods, Lightstone connects you to projects that inspires us all as partners in combating global climate change. Lightstone Consulting eases the process for you and your company to take action, now!

As this is a new service, Lightstone is quietly testing the waters here in the Pacific Northwest and across the US to engage in this important conversation. We are interested in speaking with companies that have purchased offsets in the past, or would consider integrating Carbon Offset purchases into their overall GHG management priorities. Any offset purchases during this quiet time is eligible for additional price discounts, well below the typical offset price available in today’s market. Lightstone is bending the paradigm of offset mitigation, and we’d like to show you how.

Lightstone and our associates offer a depth of experience and range of services to support your offsetting decisions. These complementary services include GHG accounting, sustainability management systems, organizational change management and more. We are able to support the sophisticated GHG reporter who falls under EPA reporting regulations, and to businesses that aren’t yet reporting but would like engage their business practices with a goal towards Carbon Neutrality.

If you’d like to explore the world of carbon markets, Lightstone Consulting, LLC is your partner in this worthwhile endeavor of Greenhouse Gas mitigation. We call this new service Evergreen Carbon. Please look for it’s website to be launched in early 2015. For questions or comments, please contact Wolf directly: