Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification

Lightstone Consulting provides 3rd party verification for the Carbon Disclosure Project emissions reporting. When reporting to CDP, extra points can be obtained by having your GHG inventory verified by an independent 3rd party. Any professional 3rd party can do this, as CDP keeps a list of only five CDP verification partners. If your organization is looking for a cost effective way to gain extra credibility, and of course, a higher disclosure and performance score, choosing an official CDP partner may not be the most cost effective way to gain that edge. In fact, to qualify for the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI), your emissions report is to be verified.

Lightstone Consulting provides the same verification service that the “big” CDP verification partners provide, with the same rigors and reporting methodologies. As a boutique consulting firm, however, with lower overhead, Lightstone can provide high quality reporting assurance as others larger firms, but with a decidedly lower cost.

Planning your verification according to fundamental issues of scope, criteria, objectives, level of assurance and materiality, etc.

  • Reviewing documentation, controls and procedures
  • Assessing inherent, control and detection risks
  • Determining verification activities, sampling and data testing
  • Performing the verification
  • Recording findings and making verification conclusions
  • Developing the verification report and statement