Lightstone Consulting is expertise at greenhouse gas accounting, reporting and verification. We also provide research on carbon policy and technologies. We help organizations become stronger marketplace competitors and better environmental stewards.

Lightstone Consulting enables organizations to efficiently implement Carbon Management solutions and plan for a low carbon economy.

Lightstone Consulting helps organizations of all sizes:

  • Prepare greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories
  • Create GHG inventory management plans
  • Contribute to your organizations corporate sustainability report (CSR)
  • Provide expertise in multiple GHG reporting regimes = CDP, DJSI and others.
  • Create a program of sustainability metrics and action
  • Community and employee engagement
  • Training on GHG accounting and carbon markets

Good environmental management practices throughout an organization have multiple benefits.

  • Create a reputation of excellence in stewardship in your industry and region
  • Cost savings from increased efficiency
  • Respect from your customers and community, broadening your customer base.
  • Attract talented  people who want to work for climate responsible organizations.
  • Meet supply chain environmental and GHG requirements
  • Foster positive relationships with communities and local governments

To learn more detail about our services, please contact Wolf: