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Lightstone Consulting provides expertise in greenhouse gas accounting and environmental management systems. Our experts help organizations become stronger marketplace competitors and better environmental stewards.

Lightstone Consulting lowers the barriers for small and medium size organizations to implement an effective Environmental Management System, conforming to ISO 14001 or simply to identify operational areas that can be managed in a more sustainable way.

Lightstone Consulting helps organizations of all sizes:

  • Prepare greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories
  • Create GHG inventory management plans
  • Contribute to your organizations corporate sustainability report (CSR)
  • Provide expertise in CDP, GRI, The Climate Registry and other voluntary reporting programs
  • ISO 14001 auditing and certification gap analysis
  • Sustainability (Environmental) Management System development
  • Create a program of sustainability metrics and action

Good environmental management practices throughout an organization have multiple benefits.

  • Create a reputation of excellence in stewardship for your industry and region
  • Cost savings from increased efficiency
  • Stronger competitors in the marketplace
  • Increased respect from customers and broadening your customer base.
  • Attract young talented people,
  • Meet supply chain environmental stewardship requirements
  • Foster positive relationships with communities and local governments

A great place to start is to get a handle on your organization’s resource use and environmental impact, beyond regulatory compliance. A good start in understanding your sustainability profile is in measuring and potentially reporting your greenhouse gas emissions footprint (carbon footprint). This exercise enables an organization to look inward at its operations and environmental impacts. This can be a first step in developing an encompassing environmental management plan that not only includes your greenhouse gas emissions, but considers the whole of your operations.

Our confidential services enable organizations to see their organization in a new light.  We help clients see what environmental impacts they create – beyond simple regulatory compliance, and how to set on the path to create more sustainable operations that can thrive within the finite limits of nature.

Lightstone Consulting is expert in tailoring environmental and sustainability management systems.

Our website is currently under development. To learn more detail about our services,
please contact Gary (Wolf) Lichtenstein, Principal, directly at 206.923.2656 or
email: gary@lightstoneconsulting.com.